America Enters the Drone Age

This has been a ground-shaking week for our industry.  The new Part 107 rules officially went into effect on Monday, unlocking a potential $82B industry that has been waiting in the wings for more than half a decade.  Without these rules, the UAV market would’ve never had the chance to grow beyond hobbyists and a very limited number of exemption holders.  With the rules, the floodgates are opened.  


The FAA put in place a new drone certification program that had over 3,000 test-takers on the first day.  That’s big.  Where will all of this go?  Higher crop yields, faster natural disaster response, better mining and timber inventory, safer infrastructure operations, faster emergency response, improved security, access to medication in remote areas, same day package delivery, and maybe someday, in the not too distant future; autonomous aerial personal transportation.

As a famous Shark Tank entrepreneur once said “The sky is no longer the limit.”

Welcome to the future, America.

-JD Claridge

CEO, xCraft

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