Forbes Recognizes the 7 Best Shark Tank Pitches of Season 7

In anticipation of the new entrepreneurs braving the tank, a panel of Shark Tank experts, including Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) himself, ranked the pitches from the past season and presented the top seven. The innovators come from all industries ranging from beauty, food and beverage, education, novelty, and technology. Contestants have 10 minutes to convince the Sharks that their idea is worthy of a deal using whatever means necessary. The Sharks can smell a gimmick from miles away, so xCraft let its drones speak for themselves.


Co-Founder, JD Claridge flew the X PlusOne right onto the set, capturing the interests of all the sharks immediately. With the UAV industry largely untouched, yet worth billions, investors came to the plate with some tough questions. JD Claridge and Charles Manning navigated those questions with ease and then presented the kill shot; the PhoneDrone.

After little convincing, all Sharks were on board to join forces using their different areas of expertise to guide this company into becoming an industry leader. After it was all said and done, xCraft’s valuation more than doubled and had five influential investors in their corner ready to attack the commercial and consumer markets.

Check out the Forbes article to see where xCraft ranked!

-Taylor Hanzen, Staff Contributor

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