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Powerful Flying Machines That Change The World

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After a successful first campaign, an excellent showing on Shark Tank, and the development of new top-of-the-line products, xCraft is ready to launch into its next phase of expansion.

Since our inception in 2015, we at xCraft have been committed to changing the world by pushing the boundaries of drone technology. When the first campaign launched in 2017, we started small with consumers in a market still in its earliest stages. The funding raised in that campaign allowed us to bring the PhoneDrone Ethos to market, complete the app, release two commercial drones, and strengthen our partnerships with other companies.

Now, xCraft drones are finding their way into more professional use capacities. We are developing new and innovative technologies for the enterprise, defense, and humanitarian markets. We are also pushing into the commercial sector and have built a solid reputation as a custom drone developer.

We have worked tirelessly to claim a spot among the leading American drone developers. Most recently, we have been developing the First iZ drone system. The First iZ technology will allow first responders to access live video of the site of an emergency before they even set foot on the scene. This system is just one example of the opportunity for drones to change the world via a growing list of commercial industries, and in doing so even save lives.

With a polished business model, a new line of products, and an expanding market, xCraft is set to create a lasting legacy in UAV technology and beyond.

Not all drones are created equal. xCraft technology is a standout. 


With the X PlusOne, engineers created something so fast and stable that it broke the 100 km/h barrier. 


xCraft drones have an impressive payload capacity, and the PhoneDrone's unique design is made to carry a smartphone.


The x2 Pro has a true 50 minute endurance, giving the drone the ability to cover a lot of ground during flight. 


The Vertical Takeoff & Landing capabilities of xCraft drones give them an edge over the competition. 

xCraft's Noteworthy Track Record 

Co-founders JD Claridge and Charles Manning launched an initial crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund xCraft's flagship product, the X PlusOne. They managed to triple their goal in that campaign and went on to build one of the most powerful and unique consumer drones on the market. 

From there, xCraft made a splash on ABC's Shark Tank. All five sharks came on board to form a syndicate and make a deal worth $1.5 million.

Last year, xCraft launched a campaign on StartEngine that went above and beyond their goal. 

These milestones indicate the importance of the technology that xCraft develops. People not only believe in the tech, but they also believe in the vision for the future.   

xCraft has accomplished a lot since it's last campaign that elevates its position as a company in the business world and in the drone technology space.

  • Brought the PhoneDrone Ethos to market
  • Completed an easy-to-use app for Phone Drone that can pair with another device for control and video streaming in real time
  • Released two commercial drones, the x2 Pro and the x2 Geo
  • Strengthened partnerships with other companies that will push innovation in new fields
  • Created a more refined business model
  • Developed a reputation as a strong custom drone developer

Two Commercial Drones New To Market

x2 Pro

Precision at your fingertips

Our goal in creating the x2 Pro was to create something that is highly effective in data collection, easy to use, and can be an everyday workhorse.  It takes off and lands vertically, yet travels forward in flight, giving it the endurance of a fixed-wing aircraft. The drone has an endurance of up to 50 minutes and can fly 60+ mph. This combination of capabilities allows for data collection over large areas in record time. It also has autonomous flight, so just program the flight pattern and press go!

x2 Geo

The ultimate VTOL mapping solution

The x2 Geo is designed to map. Vertical takeoff and landings mean it can be operated from anywhere and it is fully autonomous, making it easy to fly. All flight planning, controls, and monitoring functions are simple and intuitive. Clients can operate solely from the tablet for autonomous flights or use the included transmitter for more precise control. It can also cover a lot of ground...over 3000 acres per flight! It has a max flight time of 45 minutes and can reach speeds up to 55 mph. Also included is one of the best compact mapping cameras on the market today, resulting in high resolution mapping. 

First iZ: A New Tool for First Responders

xCraft is developing the drones and drone port systems for the new First iZ technology. 

Drones will be stationed on charging ports located at various fire stations across an area. When a 911 call is received, the drone will fly by itself to the scene and deliver video before first responders arrive. This technology allows first responders to assess the scene before they get there and will ultimately save lives.

As this industry grows, xCraft will be there paving the way.

The First iZ drone system just scratches the surface of possible commercial opportunities

Over the past year, we have fine tuned our work as a custom drone developer and made a big push into the commercial sector. While emergency response is one of our first forays into drones with professional uses, it is certainly not the last. 

Along with innovating new technology comes with finding way to apply that tech to different industries. We at xCraft have a vision for how we want drones to create a positive impact in many fields. While the possibilities are virtually unlimited, below are a few examples of where we see our technology headed. 


With increased endurance and speed, xCraft drones offer high resolution images for clients looking to map and collect data of large areas.


Drones can be used to help farmers maximize their yields and develop knew methods of sustainability in fields all around the world.


Drone technology can be used by individuals, businesses, institutions, and government agencies to provide tighter and more efficient security.


Today's drones are the first step in developing autonomous aerial vehicles that provide a new means of transportation, and in doing so, would alleviate pollution.

Behind the Scenes With the Team

Invest in xCraft to Invest in Changing the World

xCraft is now in an even better and stronger position than we were when we went on Shark Tank and last year when we launched our first campaign on StartEngine. We intend to use the funds raised from this new campaign to meet the ever-expanding demand of UAV production. We will add resources to R&D, expand our product line, and offer full support for First iZ and upcoming development projects. We have a very purposeful mission and are working hard to leave a legacy. The drone industry is still young but expanding quickly, and the commercial possibilities are unlimited. We aim to push the boundaries.

Our core values drive innovation and expect excellence. We seek to bring positive change to the world, and we want you to join us. 

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US Marine Corps performs Hive Final Mile UAV concept demonstration
March 15, 2018

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