Wont arm:

If your Platinum X PlusOne won’t arm, be sure to check that you held down the red safety switch on the craft. When the craft is on, the light will blink. Hold the button down until it turns solid red. Next, check to see if you have a GPS signal. The craft needs a GPS lock before it will arm.

Won’t achieve GPS Lock:

If your Platinum X PlusOne won’t achieve a GPS lock, look for a blue light inside the compass. The blue light signifies a GPS lock, a green light means it is still searching. Be sure that you are clear from trees, buildings, hills, etc. After powering on your craft, allow up to 5 minutes for the craft to connect. Depending on weather and number of satellites available, your craft may take a much shorter time. If you cannot get a GPS lock, recycle power by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. If you still cannot get a GPS lock, calibrate your X PlusOne.

Craft is “toilet bowling” in the air:

If your X PlusOne is making a toilet bowl motion in the air, spinning and not holding location, it is very likely a GPS connection issue. Recalibrate your craft and make sure that you have plenty of satellites and a strong signal. If the craft is still toilet bowling, check behind the top pylon to make sure that the PixFalcon is secure. If it is loose, stuff hot glue into the gap to secure it inside the craft.


Craft won’t hold a loiter position:

*See above

Won’t connect to Mission Planner Software:

If your craft won’t connect to a computer software, Eject the USB telemetry cable, recycle power by disconnecting then reconnecting the battery to your craft then reconnect the telemetry to the computer. Make sure that you have the correct COM port selected and the number selected is 57600 in the software.

My craft is armed but won’t engage:

If you have armed your craft but the throttle is not engaging, the most possible situation is one of GPS connectivity. Restart your craft, make sure you are clear of any buildings and that your GPS unit is blinking blue before engaging the throttle. When in doubt, charge the battery.

My X PlusOne is beeping loud, fast and continuous:

Once the battery gets below its natural fail safe level of power it beeps loud and fast. This simply means it’s time to recharge your battery.

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