Mining And Construction

The use of mining drones has revolutionized the way large mine sites and quarries oversee their operations. Unlike traditional surveying methods, a drone is able to provide exceedingly quick and accurate data across a large territory. This dynamic, real-time data collection also facilitates communication between workers on the ground and management at other sites.

Mining solutions from xcraft

Aerial images captured by drones are able to produce the most accurate site models to-date, which is important for two reasons: This allows mining operators to precisely calculate the amount of material that can be extracted, and quickly determine what equipment is best used for the site conditions in a specific area. Drones can also be used for site inspection, leading to a safer job site for all employees.


With a flying altitude of up to 400 feet, PANADRONE has you covered by capturing high-resolution video and serving as a mesh network node for maximum coverage.


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