Public Safety

Drones are becoming an invaluable tool in firefighting, rescue services, and law enforcement. This incredible aerial imaging technology is being used in more industries every day, but its value as a safety tool is also starting to be widely recognized. Using drones for public safety is a developing trend that shows incredible potential in a variety of settings.

Using Drones to Determine Risk and Allocate Resources

Whether employed in disaster response or as part of a search and rescue mission, the many benefits of using drones are clear. Models like our PANADRONE can quickly scan wide areas, record threats using high-resolution imagery, and give first responders immediate data to work with when allocating personnel and resources.

Combined with other technology such as thermal sensors, drones can also locate missing persons in remote locations in a fraction of the time it would take an on-the-ground search-and-rescue crew. The usefulness of drones in multiple high-risk scenarios is just beginning to be fully explored, but there is no doubt this is a tool that will be deployed with increasing frequency in the following public safety applications:

Law Enforcement

Search & Rescue


Disaster Response

The Future of Employing Drones for Public Safety

We produce drones that can function autonomously without an operator, giving them the ability to follow pre-planned flight routes, navigate through complex interior structures, or even follow suspects. We are very excited to see how this evolving technology will be applied to improve public safety in the coming years as we do our part to further the industry.

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With a flying altitude of up to 400 feet, PANADRONE has you covered by capturing high-resolution video and serving as a mesh network node for maximum coverage.


SHADOW is xCraft’s unmanned aerial system (UAS). It is capable of 24-hour tethered flying at altitudes of 100ft. Get in touch with us to learn more.


Whether you’re dedicated to search and rescue, surveying and mapping, or infrastructure inspection, you’ll get more done in less time with the MATRIX SE. Get in touch for more information.


A micro drone solution, built for surveillance and intel in military settings.