Our team is making the next-gen UAV platform.

We are thrilled to be working on what we believe will be the predominant platform design for future UAV’s that need both precision landing and hovering capabilities and efficient long-range flight.  Our unique, patent-pending designs coupled with our development integrations have led to an amazing outcome of engineering and innovation.

If you’re passionate about UAV’s, aviation, software, embedded systems, or any combination of the above – let us know!

We are based in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Here, we have designed, built, and hope to manufacture all xCraft components and assemble the platform for commercial and military customers.

Our Mission

To develop small, powerful flying machines that change the world. 

Our Core Values 

We perpetuate a high velocity of innovation
We expect excellence and measure by results
We recognize that our customers own this company


The Founders

JD Claridge

The CEO and co-founder of xCraft, a leading drone company developing innovative vehicles for the UAV market. JD was born with a passion for flight. Building and crashing flying toys throughout his youth taught him much about the science and art of flight vehicle design. He once built a (mostly) functional hang glider at the age of 7 and convinced his best friend to test fly it.

Charles Manning

The CEO of a leading mobile analytics technology company, Kochava. An aviation enthusiast, Charles was immediately excited about working with JD to help make the X PlusOne a reality.