xCraft is proud to supply both private and military sectors with drones that are custom designed to solve various problems. To further our reputation in the industry, we recently hosted a webinar highlighting the benefits of investing in our innovative and growing company.

We began by honoring our mission. Producing and creating custom unmanned aerial machines in the United States is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our mission is to improve the world for all humanity by helping to foster an environment that promotes inclusivity, personal fulfillment, and innovative thinking. Therefore, we hold ourselves to a standard of excellence and judge our work by the quality of the results.


Creating for the Future

We provide valuable products to critical markets such as agriculture, defense, urban air mobility, and public safety by developing independent aerial devices and technology. Just a few current products that are being received positively include the Shadow, a tethered quadcopter designed with security and public safety use in mind, and the X2, a hybrid VTOL which appeals to those in the geospatial market.


Trustworthy Leadership

CEO and co-founder JD Claridge is an aerospace and electrical engineer who brings over 35 years of experience in making things fly to the team. His fellow co-founder Charles Manning is a successful software architect who founded the mobile analytics company Kochava.

Ben Toews serves as director, using the knowledge he gained as CEO and president of Bullet Tools. Additionally, Burt Rutan, aircraft designer and well-known aviation legend contributes as an advisor.


The Sky’s The Limit

When it comes to growth and opportunity, there’s no denying that aerial machine design and production is an excellent industry for investment. xCraft was founded in 2014 and has only continued to grow, showing the company’s staying power and potential. So far, xCraft has designed and produced nearly a dozen different urban air vehicle models and received FAA Aircraft certifications.


Company Plans

As we gear up for 2022, xCraft has some significant plans to implement. An overhaul of the website is currently being designed, with plans to gear the site towards user-friendly interaction with other businesses instead of simply individual consumers. Significant growth to the distribution network is underway as well, with numerous new partners being brought onboard.

We also plan to grow the xCraft team and hire individuals to fill several positions to allow us the opportunity to expand our influence. These positions range from sales and marketing vice presidents to customer service and production team members.


Urban Air Mobility

Of course, there are also numerous exciting new products in development, several of which promise to be groundbreaking in the urban air mobility sector. That’s right, aerial automobiles! We are excited to be working on quiet propulsion technology and beginning research and design activities in this area.


When you invest in xCraft, you invest in the quickest growing unmanned aerial device manufacturer in the United States. You’ll also be investing in a future of innovation and positive change. Don’t let another day go by, contact xCraft today to discuss how you can help us change the world.