Product Spotlight – Panadrone

Sep 10, 2021 | Products

The commercial drone industry has always faced a number of the same challenges year-after-year. Things like battery life, payload options, and autonomy have been the key focus for many drone manufacturers with few providing lasting results.

These are the precise issues that xCraft set out to resolve when they designed the Panadrone.

The xCraft Panadrone is a fully autonomous tethered unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that can reach altitudes of 400ft and remain airborne for weeks at a time. The Panadrone is the only tethered drone on the market capable of achieving altitudes over 350ft and can be outfitted with an array of camera solutions, including Thermal, Zoom, Electro-Optical, or Infrared, to gather a variety of data points.

Weighing in at just over 8 lbs, the Panadrone is durable enough to withstand wind speeds of up to 20 MPH, and is capable of payloads over 4 lbs.

The Panadrone is tethered to, and receives power from, it’s “Nest” – an environmentally sealed, climate controlled hub that is used to house and transport the drone when not in use. The Nest receives power from an on-site generator, with solar power being tested in the near future as an alternative power source.

If, for any reason, the power supply is ever interrupted, the Panadrone has an on-board, 24V battery that will oversee the safe auto-landing of the drone back into its Nest.

Each Panadrone comes equipped with a tablet, pre-loaded with our xCraft Web GCS software to operate the drone and camera. With a single command, the operator can autonomously launch and land the drone – no experience required.

Panadrone in box
Panadrone 1
Once in the air, the elevation is easily adjusted to any desired height up to 400ft, and the camera can be controlled to capture the ideal aerial footage.

Optionally, the Panadrone can come equipped with Rajant Kinetic Mesh to allow for a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, no-matter the geographic location.

A 5G connective solution is being tested to allow for high-speed internet anywhere in the world.

The Panadrone is the solution to many commercial market issues as the virtually unlimited flight time, interchangeable payloads, and ease of use allow for application in a number of verticals. It is our belief that this aircraft will soon become the industry standard for fields such as surveillance & security, agriculture, surveying, and global internet solutions.

With sales already exceeding $6M USD, it’s clear that the Panadrone is the future of drone technology.