Product Spotlight – The Matrix RTK

Nov 5, 2021 | Products, xCraft

In search of a line-of-sight tactical drone that provides the greatest degree of versatility, flexibility, and quality? The Matrix from xCraft is the answer. With a range of tools available for your payload and a long-lasting charge, choosing this product will let you get more done in less time. Find out all the benefits of this impressive offering from xCraft as it pushes the envelope on what this sort of tech can do.

Everything you need to begin capturing high-res mapping images is included int he Matrix RTK package.  We designed the Matrix RTK to be a one-stop solution for surveyors and engineers.  We have developed a GPS bay station to be used alongside the Matrix RTK to achieve autonomous route precision down to centimeters.

We are currently developing an image stitching software that would allow high-res mapping images taken during a flight to be stitched and processed in a fraction of the time it takes currently.

Optional RTK Base Station and PPK

The Matrix RTK includes an optional base station for survey-grade accuracy.  It can also integrate with several different types of customer base stations to receive GPS corrections.  If you prefer PPK, the Matrix RTK will handle that out of the box! When deciding what product to trust, the xCraft Matrix RTK gives you the reassurance of quality that comes with choosing American-made technology, manufactured right in Idaho!

What’s Included

You’ll be equipped with everything you need for churning out high accuracy maps with the Matrix RTK!


  • 4K RGB camera
  • 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal
  • Controller with Integrated Android
  • Vehicle Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • (2) Extra propellers
  • Custom Hard Case
  • User Manual and Quick Start Guide


Power To Keep Going

The Matrix RTK includes a 6S, 89Wh battery for maximum flight time.

With tech like that driving it forward, it’s no wonder the Matrix RTK is attracting so much attention from agencies all over the world! Find out more information about this product, as well as special leasing options, when you talk to our team. Contact xCraft directly to learn more!

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