Drone technology has revolutionized a number of different industries. As a sector that always tries to utilize innovative new technologies, the marketing industry is no exception. From video capture to customer interactivity, drones open up a range of new possibilities for marketers to utilize. Read on to learn more about the applications drones have for advertising purposes, as well as information about the future of this exciting technology.


Drone Light Shows

The primary use case for drones in the advertising industry is drone light shows. Whether it’s a company logo, brand messaging, or even a QR code – drone light shows can light up the sky with images up to hundreds of feet across. Drone light shows are essentially a sequence of UAVs operating in harmony to display light designs in the sky. These captivating messages leave audiences impressed and intrigued by the brand on display.

Advertising drones repeatedly take companies to new heights via product launches, sporting events, concerts, and even the 2020 Olympics, where 1,824 drones were launched into the sky in the shape of a globe.

Innovative New Videography Possibilities

By mounting unmanned aircraft with cameras, videographers can create stunning footage never before seen before the development of modern drones. From sweeping crowd shots at an event to breathtaking landscape shots that capture the full beauty of the surroundings scenery, a birds-eye perspective allows drones to shoot footage conventional cameras could never capture. XCraft’s Panadrone, for example, is built with simple controls that allow the operator to pan and tilt the camera for optimal, high-definition footage.

Some marketing campaigns have also found success using drones as robotic ‘actors’ in advertising footage, as well. For example, Coca-Cola ran a successful advertising campaign back in 2014 where they used drones to deliver cans of soda and messages to migrant workers in Singapore from their families back home. The unexpected inclusion of a drone in this effective piece of marketing content gave the campaign a new twist that caused a stir with customers.


A Cutting-Edge Medium for Customer Interaction

Above all else, customers desire an interactive experience that makes them feel engaged in a personalized way with the brands that they love. This individualized approach to marketing helps customers feel like more than just a number on a business’ spreadsheet. Instead, they get an engaging and positive experience that they’ll tell their friends and family about, accomplishing a marketer’s job through word of mouth.

Drones provide exciting new ways for companies to deliver this interactivity that customers are searching for. Even simple things like flying banners in a stationary position overhead of a presentation open up new possibilities that aircraft of the past could not easily provide. Drones can also be used to disperse promotional materials like flyers for a crowd in an engaging way that is sure to get customers talking.


Potential with Emerging Technologies

While there are already a number of applications for drones in the advertising field, the future possibilities contain even more potential. The potential connection between drones and new technologies such as wearable devices or virtual reality will open up new avenues for marketing experts to make use of drones. Since we’re still at the advent of drones transforming our world, there are countless exciting possibilities that the future holds.

New developments in the way that drones can be used will undoubtedly continue to change the way that advertisers help businesses reach their audience. Keeping up on all of the exciting ways that drones can be used is crucial in staying up to date on what’s new and exciting for customers. Reach out to xCraft or follow our blog for the latest information to keep yourself informed!