If you’re looking for a drone that’s lightweight, durable, adaptable, and is packed full of great features, the xCraft Nano One is for you. Its superb design, impressive specs, and mind-blowing versatility make it a great pick for all kinds of people. When it comes to tactical operations for military and SWAT teams, the Nano One has got you covered.


Good Things Come in Small Packages

The Nano One packs a ton of great features inside a small space. It provides the modern foot soldier with an ultra portable, immediately deployable EO and IR micro UAS. Offering real time situational awareness, the xCraft Nano One is a rugged, American-made drone with extended 30 minutes endurance and best-in-class wind and rain tolerance.

It also comes fully equipped with a FLIR thermal and EO camera, offering you excellent visibility even in low light or difficult weather conditions. It has 30 knots of wind tolerance, and gust tolerance up to 40 knots, which means flying isn’t just for clear days. Superb maneuverability, speed, and range allow you to cover plenty of ground.

It’s easy and convenient to control from the ground, too. The included 2.4Ghz controller features an integrated display, allowing you huge levels of intricate control over the drone, so you can turn on a dime or slalom between trees thanks to a hyper-responsive flight system and lightweight design.


Awesome Tech

Like any other form of technology, drones have to move with the times, integrating all the latest features to ensure they’re functioning at their best. Of course, the Nano One is no exception thanks to its compact size and advanced thermal camera. Onboard GPS navigation makes flying a breeze. Simple yet intuitive, the Nano features Auto-Return and Lost Link failsafe to preserve mission success when it matters most.


Flying Modes

The Nano One offers multiple separate flying modes to suit a wide variety of situations. Auto return allows you peace of mind since you know your drone will fly safely back to you in the event of something going wrong.

It gives another layer of versatility to this super-useful drone, ensuring it’s a good fit for all kinds of situations. This utility makes the Nano convenient, safe, and easy to use, offering another good reason to make it your next drone.


Quality Craftsmanship

Each xCraft drone is engineered to perfection, ensuring you’re satisfied with the end product. All our drones are manufactured right here in the USA. They’re custom-designed by our elite team of drone experts, and each one is test flown before being shipped to its customers. Despite its unmatched quality, the Nano One comes in at less than 1/10 the price of its competitors. That’s because xCraft is committed to continually providing our customers with an amazing product every time.


Whatever you’re looking for, there’s no better place to get yourself a quality piece of tech. Want to check out the Nano One along with a range of other state-of-the-art drones? Check out xCraft today for the drone of your dreams!