Last month, the xCraft Team was honored to participate in the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founder JD Claridge and Sales Lead Kenny Stone packed up the Panadrone and its all-weather Nest to display at the show. Thanks to our friends at the Connectronics Booth, xCraft was able to set up this powerful autonomous aircraft amidst some of the brightest minds and change-makers in the critical communications industry.

This year’s IWCE featured many big-name communications brands such as T-Mobile, VerizonFrontline, Intertalk, IComm, and more. With extravagant displays and a top-rated speaker lineup, it was a fantastic way to stay informed about all the major players in the communications industry.

xCraft’s fully autonomous Panadrone drew quite the crowd. We had several valuable conversations about using tethered drones in various applications within public safety and other industries. It felt great to be on the cutting-edge of technology alongside so many brilliant minds. If you missed us at the show, but would like more information on the Panadrone, contact us to request a live demo today!