xCraft has spent much of 2021 growing their capital in anticipation of a surge in the global drone market. Included in this growth is the addition of a new team member – xCraft’s new Sales Lead, Kenny Stone.

Prior to joining xCraft, Kenny worked in the non-profit sector helping and inspiring people to their greatest potential. He plans to use his experience as a former Lead Pastor to help xCraft grow within the $18 billion global drone market. Kenny has qualified experience managing a significant budget, leading and overseeing staff, and regularly teaching large groups. He often found himself organizing serving opportunities and putting on community events. In that role, his work was always about Jesus, helping groups and individuals see God more clearly.

As xCraft’s new Sales Lead, Kenny has a similar objective of helping businesses see their needs more clearly. He’s used to helping people reach their greatest potential. Now, he’ll channel that skillset to help businesses optimize their operations using unmanned aerial vehicles.


Achieving Efficiency & Precision

Industries all over the world are continuing to look for ways to be more efficient, precise and successful. This is true for areas within Public Safety, Surveying, Agriculture, Security, Construction, Energy, Mining, and Defense. With the versatility of the UAV, endless opportunities are being discovered for their use within these industries. Whether it’s gathering data or scoping out terrain conditions, drones are becoming more and more commonplace as a business efficiency tool.

As the need for UAV continues to grow rapidly, Kenny is excited to see America’s Drone Company be a part of the solution for years to come. Kenny’s passion for people and desire to serve businesses will lead to proactive outreach that will ensure that xCraft successfully soars to new heights! He plans to develop relationships and address customer needs by helping companies solve inefficiencies. He’s excited about the trusted, lasting relationships that will be built in the coming months.

Alongside business development, Kenny will be working with xCraft’s marketing team to define and procure needed marketing assets. In other words, Kenny will spearhead the addition of more media content, product resources, and case studies to get the word out about xCraft’s powerful flying robots. It’s going to be a great ride!


New Adventure, New Roots

Kenny and his family of four feel grateful to live in the scenic state of Idaho. With a love for the outdoors, exploring all that the panhandle and surrounding areas have to offer is one of their favorite hobbies. One of their best-loved places is Tubbs Hill. Kenny, his wife, and their two young children love that the area has easy trails, beautiful scenery, and great swimming spots in the summer. xCraft is proud to share their beloved city of Coeur d’Alene with the Stone family!