In September, we made our way to Las Vegas to be included at this year’s MINExpo! We were blown away by the jam-packed schedule filled with speakers, heavy-hitting industry leaders, and networking opportunities. We were able to pick the brains of mining professionals from every aspect of the industry, and we’re excited to share our thoughts about our first time at this incredible mining expo. We know it definitely won’t be our last!

First Impressions

As a US-based company, it was fantastic getting to mingle with exhibitors from over 30 different countries. Over the last 10 years, we have partnered with many companies as we work towards solving real-world complex problems, so it was our pleasure to dig deeper (pun intended!) into the mining industry. We believe our unique dual-approach strategy and patented technologies make us stand out, and it was exciting to learn from the many other bright ideas at MINExpo.


What Impressed Us

This place was huge. With 11 conference halls and over 660,000 net sq. ft. of exhibitions, our heads were on a swivel! We were most impressed with the incredible educational sessions where we heard industry leaders discuss cutting-edge strategies to lower costs, increase growth, and impact local and global economies. In addition to the variety of people in attendance, there were representatives from all phases of mining, from Underground to Open-Pit mining and Smelting & Refining. We learned a lot!


Benefits of Drone Usage in Mining

Commercial applications in mining have been using UAVs for a broad range of solutions, but we are ready to herald the journey along. With improvements in overall efficiency, aerial data generation of stockpiles and inventory, drones provide oversight in almost every mining operation. Our drones can maximize production while minimizing human risk, and there’s no question that drones are a great investment for all the different facets of the mining industry, especially during the pandemic.


What Does the Future of Mining Look Like?

As advancements in mining technology continue, there was much discussion buzzing at the Expo about green power, renewable energy, and reducing emissions. A lot of importance was placed on using technology to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Opportunities to invest in automation, for example, can reduce site emissions because of improved efficiency. Shifting public opinion of the mining industry is more important now than ever, and sustainable solutions are being sought for energy-intensive processes.


Key Takeaways

Experts at the conference said that acknowledging that their stakeholders, such as host countries and their communities, must be included in the process much earlier than anticipated, however costly. With geopolitics at play, trade wars have disrupted much of the demand from mining and metal companies. One major takeaway for us was that the solutions for the future of mining will depend on going beyond what has worked in the past. Which is where we come in!


At MINExpo, we met so many people in mining who were excited to see xCraft’s equipment. Reach out to us today to learn more about our UAVs! We’re dedicated to taking the drone industry further, and will be continually innovating the science behind our drones. The mining industry has seen so much modernization recently, so we are excited to bring our products into this space and continue to push the envelope of industry possibilities.