xCraft is excited to announce the launch of their 2022 Start Engine Reg CF Campaign. After a successful Reg A Campaign in 2021, we’re confident that this next raise will effectively propel phase two of our crowdfunding efforts into xCraft’s most ambitious year yet.


What We’ve Done

After raising 4.3 million in our previous Start Engine Campaigns, xCraft has made momentous improvements in several facets of the company, and we’re excited to communicate these advancements with our shareholders. From software to staffing to social media – we’re growing and positioning our company to compete in tomorrow’s drone market.


Growing The Team

Last year, we hired Kenny Stone for the very essential position of Sales Lead at xCraft. Here’s refocused our sales strategy toward connecting with new distributors and accentuating our already valuable relationships with a variety of industry partners. With three software developers currently contracted to improve our product features, we’re also actively interviewing UAV Technicians, and are to add others to the team in the very near future.


Intentional Marketing Efforts

xCraft has hired a professional marketing firm to improve and maintain our digital presence. These efforts helped launch a brand new, SEO-optimized, 33-page website – complete with detailed imagery for each of our products as well as an improved user experience. Through various social media platforms and blogging, we’ve continued our efforts to inform and educate the public about industry trends and company happenings.


Debt Reduction

With our increased working capital, xCraft has worked to stabilize and position the company’s profitability through debt reduction. We’ve eliminated all of our credit card debt, lines of credit, and notes owed to our early investors. We’ve also paid down several loans and will continue to do so in 2022.


Research And Development

2022 has us working steadily on version 2 of the Panadrone. We’ve allocated capital towards adding new software features, and even some hardware features, for simplicity and functionality. We’ve also redesigned our nest shell, specifically improving how the lid operates and ensuring that the tether is maintaining proper tension at all times.

Investors above the $10,000 level during our last campaign will be receiving a Maverick SE – one of our more recreational models. We’ve already redesigned the model to be suitable for injection molding, which will allow for consistent fabrication and larger production quantities in the future.


Where We’re Going

xCraft’s company mission is to improve the world for all humanity by helping to foster an environment that promotes inclusivity, personal fulfillment, and innovative thinking. We’re passionate about breaking through the UAV industry with leading edge technology, made right here in America. When you invest in xCraft, you’re not only facilitating this cause, you’re becoming a part of history in the ever-growing commercial drone industry.

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